Dogwood Tealights

For this next project I'm using two ceramic tealight holders about 2 1/2 in. tall. My inspiration for this design is my dogwood and pearl necklace.

I begin by making the dogwood flowers. These are a bit smaller than I've made before. First I roll tiny balls all of uniform size. Each of these balls is then rolled into a tiny snake. I gently arrange eleven of the snakes together.

Now I gently roll the arrangement to smooth the sides a bit, and then I cut off the top - this is my center.

Twenty-one centers prebaked and ready for the petals.

Shaping the dogwood flowers. Again I roll little balls of uniform size, this time larger. Each ball is flattened and shaped like a tiny tear drop. Using an upholstery needle, I add a tiny groove and curl the top edge. Next I place two petals on a larger needle for flower shaping.

Adding the petals. They are carefully pressed together and spread open a bit.

I slowly and gently twist the petals off the needle and add the center - only twenty left to go!

And here they are - a couple hours later.

Now to cover the tealights. A sheet of white clay is wrapped over the sides and pressed into place.

Next I cover the base.

Two covered tealight holders.

Adding the gold curls. First I scatter the flowers over the surface. Each curl is rolled by hand and curled. Holding the tail end, I lower the curl into place and press it on. I put the flowers back on briefly to see if I'm liking the design.

The last curls.

Dogwood flower placement on the large holder.

Two tealight holders ready for berries.

First I form the stems. Then I make small dents to hold the berries. I want them to stand out from the holder rather than just lay against it - the dents help them to do this.

Adding the berries…

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