Making the Leafy Tree Vase - Part 1

For this next project I'm using a 6 in. tall sundae glass. I start by covering the entire surface with a dark brown clay.

Next I combine colors for these two blends - one for flower petals and the other for the leaves.

Making the petal cane - I cut the blend in fourths, flatten each fourth slightly and then arrange them side by side forming a squarish cane.

Next I cut the cane in half and put the two pieces side by side, doubling the number of stripes. I roll the cane, rounding the sides, and reduce it.

Here I'm assembling the leaf cane. First I reduce the cane into six equal portions, reduce each again and then place them side by side, pressing them together.

Next I cut it in half and add the center vein.

And now, to make the tree. First the glass is covered partially in a dark green. This green will serve as a base for the leaves.

Here the extruder is packed with a stack of dark green and brown. Once extruded, these pieces are curled slightly and pressed into place forming the trunk…

See Part 2 of this project here.

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  1. I was wondering if you paint anything on the glass, so that the clay stays attached to it.

    I am loving your project. xxx

  2. Hello TinyPearl!

    When I create my vases I just simply press the clay onto the glass. Because of the contour I don't need to use any glue to hold it in place. Once baked the clay actually bonds very well by itself. I also try to always choose glass vases that are slightly smaller at the opening (or in this case I used a glass with a stem) so there's no worry of the clay coming free.

    So glad you enjoyed this project! I always love sharing my work with you all!