The Dragon Slayer - Part 1

For this next design I'm using a flat sided glass flask. I mix up about 5 oz. of a brownish clay and then shape the dragon and cut out his wings.

Adding veins. Using the upholstery needle I give the wings some texture. Next I use my rubber tipped clay shaper to make them look a bit folded.

Testing the fit - perfect!

And now for the scales - the really, really tiny scales. I cut each one, roll it round between my fingertip and thumb, press it onto the dragon making it flatter and finally give it a little impression at the top… talk about tedious, but the fine details are what makes this a fun design.

All covered in scales.

Now for his face - tiny horns, and eyes - even some little eye lashes!

All finished.

Shaping the shield. I stamp the surface with two different size jelly roll stamps for a smokey look.

The dragon's in place.

Making the rim.

The finished shield.


Next I begin on the horse - legs are going everywhere, but I finally get him together!

Here's the finished horse - feathers and all. Next I begin on the knight. Shaping his helmet sure is hard but after about a dozen tries I get it right - it can only get easier!

Here I've made a tiny shield for my knight.

Next I make the horse's tack and put the knight in place , arming him with spear and shield.

Now it's time to work on the bottle. I begin with a layer of clay covering the surface and then sculpt the door and windows of the dragon lair.

Here I've put scales on the dragon's tail and added a vine and leafless tree - probably was scorched by the dragon's fire ;).

The front detail is almost finished - next I'll start on the back…

See part 2 of this project here.

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