Critters - A Sneak Peek

The critters are finished!! I planned to get them all listed in my shop today, but the camera batteries had another idea - they totally died! And the backup batteries I thought I'd charged (I'm sure I did!) didn't have a charge at all. So no critter listings for today. But I do have a sneak peek for you. Enjoy!

 A fawn.

 A bluebird.

A hedgehog.

And a skunk.

 A big huge thanks to my sister Bethanne for taking these. Having a photographer/sister is an awesome thing - every Etsy shop owner should have one! She saves me sooo much time, which means more beads and more jewelry!

With no listings to make, I had more time on my hands this evening and I decided to try out Craft Cult's treasury widget. What a great tool!

Here's a beautiful treasury by Julie of mermaidencreations. She did such an excellent job and I'm so excited to have it named after my Heart of the Forest necklace. Thank you Julie!

And here are a few of my favorites. How fun to be featured alongside such gorgeous art!

Crystalline dewdrops by BrootPhoto

Beautiful spring-green earrings by stregata

And a sweet little mushroom by NatureMandalas

... Well, hopefully the camera batteries will be in a better mood tomorrow and I'll have more critters to show you and some listings in my shop...

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  1. so glad you enjoyed my collecting :D

  2. Such a beautiful necklace! And an honor to be featured here - thanks so much!!!!

  3. Thanks for stopping by mermaiden and stregata! Treasuries are so much fun!