A tutorial for you! And new feather colors!

Feathers, feathers, and more feathers! They really are taking over. Now I'm thinking of ways to incorporate them in to my jewerly… I've done earrings, a bracelet, and today I just finished a new fringe style focal…

What do you think? It's fun and rustic, and a little tribal. And VERY me. You already know that I love tassels, so of course, fringes are a big favorite too.

I'm sharing how to make this new focal on AJE blog today—be sure to check it out and make your own.

I found this little lone polymer bird during my latest studio cleanup last week. (I really should make more of them.) Incidentally, it's an absolute wreck here again today—I tore all kinds of stuff out to finish up this pendant. It's always amazing how much of a disaster I can create even when crafting such small things! Oh well… I do try…

New feather painting is coming along so well and I have to thank you all again for all the fabulous color suggestions. I'm very happy with the way these latest feathers turned out…

Greens, finally! Purple and orange (love that combo always). And my new favorite—ivory and navy blue.

See them all in my shop here.

I hope you have fun with my new tutorial! And now I'm back to work after a quick cleanup, and then I'm on to bead sorting and feather burning…

Wishing you a happy and creative weekend!

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  1. Love the feather pieces! I like the tassel thing too. I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has a mess after creating!

  2. this is just a wonderful piece! I love it's boho flair, and flow to the fringe .... LOVE it

  3. love it , very tribal, a bit rustic and I love the asymmetry of the feather placement.
    Isn't it typical that we make such a mess when working on our projects ; somehow i always end up working in a 6 x 6 inch space on my 6 foot long worktable. the messiness of the creative mind.
    Love your new feathers. esp the purple orange combo.