Buried Treasure

Or, in my case—buried fabric. Lovely colors aren't they?

I know what you're thinking—I found this old worn upholstery fabric buried in some thrift shop along with a bunch of other fabrics.

Forgotten in a closet?

In an attic?

Those really are roots woven into it!

I found it buried in the walkway at the side of my house!

Actually to be completely honest, I've known it was there for at least a few years. A small portion of it was exposed in the dirt of the walkway and I passed by it nearly every day. I thought it was probably only an old rag that had been thrown out.

Then several weeks back after a very big rainstorm, I noticed that the "old rag" had a leaf printed on it. An orange-ish leaf. I was intrigued and dug it out. Totally covered in red Virginia mud, I expected it not to be that exciting—maybe a few leaves scattered here and there, and probably ruined by at least 17 years of being buried.

Today I washed it out in my horses' water bucket—because it was dirty already and I needed something to soak it in—yes, of course they got new water afterward! ;-) I was thrilled to find it had more than a few leaves scattered on it! The fabric is still strong and although stained, it has some nice color to it, and lends itself very well to that boho style I love.

I have no idea what it was before being buried. Perhaps part of some outdoor furniture—I found a total of 5 pieces—the large square (it was lined with a thin sheet of foam), 2 strips, each about 3ft long, and 2 rectangles, one of them a few inches bigger than the other. Any ideas?

I'm thinking I may make a handbag with it. But I've got plenty of time to think about it—all the roots have to come out first and it still needs a few really good washings.

I wasn't the only one who thought it was a good find…

Have a great new week! Maybe you too, will discover some buried treasure!

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  1. well you kitty sure loves it .. what a treasure!! I love it .. and of coarse I would say it would make an absolutely FABulous bag!! :o)

    Great find!!! ........ {i'm jealous}

  2. Too strange! I love the kitty pictures too!

  3. Lovely find -- and such a cute kitty! Well, I hope I find a buried treasure. A specific buried treasure actually: my sis and I buried a "treasure" (plastic gem cufflink if I remember correctly) under the currant bushes, regretted it but couldn't find it when trying to excavate it again. My sis is still annoyed about it to this day as I was the one who wanted to bury the treasure and she protested, didn't want to do it but had to give in -- and has every now and then pointed out that I did a stupid thing. "Told you so, but you didn't listen." So, yes, that's a buried treasure I'd like to find one day. :-)