Black Ruby Dragons

More dragons in pewter - actually this is where my new pewter designs started. I found these ruby red drops on Etsy a while back and they've just been waiting for a dragon to hold them. So a couple days ago I mixed up some faux pewter. Now I just have to wait for the chain and beads to arrive...

A single dragon - this one is 40mm long.

Here's how I did the back - I started with an oval contouring it around the drop (the bulge in the middle) and curling the edges toward the back. Next I sculpted the dragon and placed him around the stone. Then it was off to the oven to cure. Next, after cooling, I added more clay to the back, making sure it would lay properly when worn. Then I embedded two gunmetal rings for the chain and baked it again. And finally I applied the patina to make it all pewter like.

And of course I had to do a double dragon pendant with one of the drops! It's always fun to work with more than one. This pendant is 53mm long.

The back of the double dragon pendant.

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  1. Awesome, though i can't help feeling there is still something your going to do with this finish yet something waiting for you to - realise. It feels like there is something out there waiting for you to create with it that will go beyond what you have created so far. I just know these awesome stunning creations are just the learnig curves. Don't ask me why but it feels 'right' to say this for some reason.

  2. Thank you for the encouraging words Jonty! I always feel as I finish each new project, that with the next one I will go further, I continually challenge myself to better my techniques and style as each new idea really keeps me going...

    Thanks again! :-)