Off to Italy!

The past two weeks have been all about a special design for a very nice lady in Italy. She saw the stamp tests I made a while back and asked me to do a custom piece for a special friend living far away. She also wanted a matching piece for herself. So here they are: a talisman for him and a pendant for her.

Two blue butterflies in the sunshine above two trees reaching out towards each other, their roots intertwining on a grassy hill - like two friends...far away...but also so very close. And on the backs, I inscribed their names each with a blue butterfly flying above.

This new project turned out to be a bigger challenge than I'd first thought, but I'm very happy with the way they turned out. Last Thursday they left for Italy. I love the thought that I was able to help bring two people so far away a little closer with my creations!

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  1. As always superb work, but this time such a marvelous pashionate background story to them too. You can see the message just as you wrote it easily in the very powerful imagery on both pieces. I have a feeling these pieces will go down & be loved for a long time to come. Excellent.

  2. Auntie L aka Shadow's MotherMarch 30, 2010 at 10:33 PM