New Dragon and Phoenix Pendants Finished!

Four finished pendants cast in both faux bone and faux pewter:
They each measure approximately 73 x 37mm.

The dragon in bone.

And the back showing the bail. I work these designs by first casting the dragon or phoenix and contouring it a bit (the bail fits better...and it just looks better that way). Then I cure it for about a half hour in the oven. Next I add a thin layer of clay to the back, smoothing it along the sides and adding texture (my fingerprints!). I place the bail and bake it one more time. And finally, I paint the entire surface thickly in Galleria artists acrylics and quickly wipe it off leaving a nice patina in the detail.

The phoenix in bone.

And here's pewter - I just started using this mix this week. I'd been wanting to get a pewter effect for a while and I was surprised at how well it turned out...You'd never know seeing the clay before the patina! Sometime I'll have to remember to get photos before adding it.

I did the bail the same on the pewter.

The phoenix in pewter.

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  1. The finish in bone was awesome to see but the pewter just blew my mind. Absolutely stunning. Well done on both but the pewter is just STUNNING. Two superb pendants to be sure.

  2. Thanks Jonty!!!

    It's really a bit funny how well the pewter turned out - when I first started working with the mix there was a point when I thought I might not like it and just have to throw it out (pendants too)! I knew it would look better after adding the patina, but I too was surprised at how convincing it turned out! Just goes to show I should always follow an idea through!

    ...Don't worry I haven't actually thrown anything away recently! ;-)

  3. The Pewter Look is so amazing it looks so real!!!