New Dragon and Phoenix Pendants in Progress

Technically I guess these pieces are molded - they are very similar to my stamps, but with more depth.

I'm going to try them out in the "bone" mixture I use for my Little Dragon necklaces. I haven't decided if I want to create necklaces or just list them as pendants...I love the sculpting and painting part and once I get going it's hard to stop and decide on a necklace design. ;-)

Back with more photos soon...I've got some Little Dragons waiting to be made today (I'm using a couple glass ruby drops this time)...maybe I'll have the time when I finish them to mix up some "bone" clay for these new molds!

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  1. These are so cool & stylish i like these a lot. I can't wait to see how these turn out when finished. If i had to choose between them it would have to be the dragon no doubt, but the pheonix looks awesome too. Awesome stuff keep it coming.

  2. I wonder what they'd look like if painted in a marble effect (or similar polished stone effet) then burried in a clear resing shell so they seem to flot inside it following the outter shape of the actual casting? Sorry sometimes i think out loud just ignore me lol.

  3. I just finished casting 4 of these last night (2 dragons and 2 phoenixes). I did them each in my "bone" clay and then in a new "pewter" mixture. I do plan to do some in "marble" and maybe a mottled cane, or something a bit like jasper...

    I've never worked with resin before (it's on my looong list of things to one day learn!), but I've seen it used to float objects...very neat.

    ...the ideas do flood in! :-)

  4. These Are so beautiful! Love Them.