A Special Charm for a Very Special Cause

Christine Damm of Stories They Tell is creating a special gift for her sister-in-law, Vila. Vila has been diagnosed with leukemia and is in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy. To remind Vila that there are many people that care so much about her as she goes through this challenging time, Christine is putting together a charm bracelet. But what makes this bracelet so very special is each charm will come from a stranger, a stranger somewhere...anywhere...who cares for Vila. Christine hopes to get 50 charms or so - just imagine all the stories that will be put into this one bracelet...

So here's my charm - a little kitty in the sunshine.

I created a new stamp for this design and did the casting in faux pewter.

And on the back I inscribed the words "The Sun is Shining". They come from one of my most loved books: J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: "Don't be gloomy - the Sun is shining." I've always loved this quote, especially when I'm sad and gloomy, because I'm reminded that no matter where the Sun is, it is shining - it may be night, it may be so very dark and stormy, but somewhere high above the shadows the Sun shines on...always...and forever.

And here's the stamp.

As a thank you gift to those who take part, Christine is giving away three of her own beautiful creations to three randomly drawn contributors. If any of you would like to contribute to this wonderful gift and make a charm for Vila, head on over to Christine's blog for more on what you can do...Let's make this the most special gift ever!

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  1. Your special charm is adorable and Vila will be sure to love it! It makes me smile!

  2. Hi, your creations are very beautiful and magical. I have an award for you on my blog.


  3. Thank you Nesca! I'm honored to be chosen as one of your Kreativ bloggers! :-)

  4. Auntie L aka Shadow's MotherMarch 20, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    What a lovely charm for Vila's bracelet!!

    And what a fabulous sentiment behind it - who can be gloomy ever again when they remember the sun is shining somewhere!